Vendor Registration


  1. Lorrie Thompson and I want spaces next to each other so we can help each other with sales. Lorrie will be attending the Vendor meeting on April 15, and will give you my fees and pick out our spaces.
    I am moving to Powell River in May, but have given my current phone number. I will let you know my new phone number after I move.
    Thank you, Kristin

  2. I think I submitted twice? My apologies. I will be in Brazil in April doing my healing work so my mom. Inge Norris will come April.15th to give you the fee and to pick a booth with electricity. Thank you Alene Dragonfly Touch


  3. Pierre & I would really like the use of a double booth or at the very least one and a half as he will have much more variety in bedding plants & I consider myself a farmer with organic fertilizer in tandem with him .He and I will also be selling some produce into the summer months.
    Please consider this request Juhli as one booth is not enough.

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  5. At the meeting, there were two forms. I only found one here. Did I miss something?

    1. Only the farmers' market registration is available online, the Powell River Farmers' Agricultural Institute paperwork is manual.